Domain names

In order to protect your goodwill in this new internet market you require a registered trade mark. Without a registration there is very little that can be done to stop others from infringing your rights.

The domain name relates to your web site and may only stop others from having the same site name. But here there are a number of variables; “” which has international status means no one else can have “” address but it can be used by others for national addresses i.e. “anyname.xx”, “” or “anyname.??” for “XXstate” and the Czech Republic respectively. Famous names such as IBM can only be registered as a domain name by its trade marks owners.

Our company is handling domain name disputes; negotiating acquisition of domain names; providing advice regarding protection of domain names and trade marks used on web sites; filing trade mark applications for Internet-related brands; and preparing licenses relating to the use of trade marks on web sites.

Domain names are now being registered not only to serve as addresses for websites, but frequently to also try and secure such addresses to prevent others from being able to use the similar domain name. Domain names are generally registered on a first come first served basis and regulation over entitlement to claim a name is still very much in its infancy.

We will work with you to develop a domain name and trade mark strategy, including searches, registering domain names and advising on issues relating to the management of your domain name portfolio.

With the possible implementation of additional top level domain names, it is more important than ever to obtain trade mark protection of a domain name in order to protect a valuable asset. Additionally, it will help to prevent confusion and dilution of a valuable domain name.

We can assist with the registration of domain names and, if required we can help with the setting up of an associated brief web site to consolidate protective rights.


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