The ethical code of the Czech Chamber of Patent Attorneys do not allow us to publicly display our list of charges. Our tariff can be sent to you either in printed or in electronic form upon request.

There are three elements to our fees:

Fixed fees
Where possible, and upon request, we will agree fixed fees with clients. These provide absolute certainly in estimating the costs of relatively straightforward matters (official government fees and/or the fees of a foreign associate).

Time-based fees
These are used when the time spent crucially depends on the particular nature of your case, for example in responding to an examiner’s objections or advising on infringement issues. These fees may vary depending on the difficulty of the work involved and the seniority and experience of the fee-earner.

These usually represent official government fees or the fees of a foreign associate.

Official fees are subject of change, we attempt to update continuously but we cannot guarantee exact data. The US$ values are calculated on the exchange rate basis of US$ 1,x – 1,xx : 1 EURO and will change continuously according to the Market Exchange Rate

Estimating the costs

We maintain scrupulous records through our cost-estimating facilities which are constantly updated with information.
We can give you a clear and accurate estimate of the costs we are likely to incur on your behalf. We also strive to agree your budget with you and to provide ample notice of those dates when a decision which will incur costs must be taken.

We are always willing to give you an estimate in writing. We will willingly discuss likely fees with you on an informal basis, with no obligation.


In general, we will invoice you once the work has been done, subject to agreed credit limits. But in some cases – for example, involving sizeable disbursements – we may ask for money on account.

For urgent work at short notice, please consider an additional Fee of 30% to 50%.

Discounts of Attorney’s fees are granted to large clients and for a plurality of identical services rendered at the same time.

We aim to provide good service.

More detailed information will be supplied upon request.