Trade secrets

Our firm can provide wide services in trade secret protection to our clients. Dealings with ex-employees, customers and competitors constantly put a company’s valuable trade secrets at risk. Many businesses, however, fail to take the basic steps necessary to protect their trade secrets. In helping our clients protect their valuable intangible assets, we start by providing a detailed evaluation of whether the client company is adequately protecting its trade secrets and confidential information. Then, we help implement a customized program for better protection of the assets.

We have the necessary legal and technical resources to provide a comprehensive range of trade secrets services, including:

  • identifying trade secrets that can be protected;
  • reviewing methods for preserving secrecy and security;
  • drafting appropriate contracts with employees and third parties.

Trade name

The trade name should be registered with the Commercial Register where the business is organized. One benefit of having a trade name is that no other organization can transact business under the same or deceptively similar name to the registered trade name. A trade mark can also be used to prevent another organization from registering a similar trade name.