Business and Finance

Danek’s Intellectual Property Business & Finance practice offers a skilled team of attorneys with a wide range of experience in both domestic and international commercial finance transactions. They are skilled at analysing, structuring and negotiating financing transactions, including secured issues, licensing, distribution arrangements and multinational ventures.

We can:

  • offer Intellectual Property Rights audits,
  • assist in reviewing internal practices, strategic counselling and portfolio management,
  • advise on the most appropriate way to organise and manage your Intellectual Property affairs,
  • offer assistance in the maintenance of Intellectual Property matters,
  • process IP methodology and strategy

We are also committed to helping our clients maximize the value of their intellectual property through customized portfolio management techniques. We provide targeted strategies for the extraction of often-hidden value from a business, closely monitor registration renewal dates and provide the framework for ensuring our clients receive the maximum benefit from some of their most valued assets.

We analyse the potential for generating royalty income by enforcing or licensing our clients’ existing rights. Our firm is recognized as a leader in IP litigation of all types, including trial and appellate proceedings, as well as mediation, alternative dispute resolution, and specialized procedures in the Industrial Property Office. We have helped companies organize and transfer various IP assets to patent holding companies that serve as a separate business and profit centre. And we have designed, directed, and carried out licensing programs that have generated large revenue streams.

Technology-based Businesses

Industrial competition for companies who are suppliers to other companies makes it increasingly valuable to have IP protection, especially patents, on their technology. This protection can mean retaining existing business as well as acquiring new customers.
Legal protection for technology is a significant factor which influences potential investors. We have considerable experience in building up cost-effective patent portfolios to help start-up companies obtain funding.

Brand-based Businesses

Having your brand protected by registered trade marks provides the mechanism for protecting your position as well as enhancing the company’s asset value. In recent years, businesses have increasingly recognized the fundamental importance of their brands to their present and future success.
As the value of trade marks has grown, so has their misuse by competitors eager to benefit from the established reputation of a well known brand. Registered trade marks and, to a lesser extent, unregistered trade marks, are a powerful weapon against unfair practices.


The company’s goal is to assist our clients in implementing franchise and distribution systems that afford them the greatest amount of flexibility and control permissible by law. These services begin with assisting clients in the process of deciding how to market or franchise their products or services, and then continue with the preparation, negotiation and execution of contracts and documents that implement the company’s objectives while complying with applicable laws.